Getting gray hair much too soon!

At least once a day A.M. pokes herself in the eyes or gets eyelashes in them. Today was no different…or so I thought. I was on the phone with my sister and A.M. started crying out, “My eye! my eye!! I poked my eye!!” I got her to calm down, tried to look at it but she kept shutting it and rolling it back. I told her to keep it closed and I’d check it once I was off the phone with my sister. Well, more of the same thing then and couldn’t see anything. She finally calmed down and went to sleep. A little while later she woke up screaming, saying her eye hurt. I brought her by the window so I could see better. She calmed down enough again for me to look. It was slightly red and watering a lot. I had her look in all directions. Then I see it. I small squiqqly scratch right across where her pupil is. I had my mom’s shades from when she had cataract surgery so I had A.M. wear those.  I talked to dh and he was headed to a mandatory meeting from 1-2pm but said he’d try to leave earlier.  He got home about 3:10 (it’s over an hour drive from work) took her to the Dr.  She got some drops to slightly numb the eye temporarily and a prescription for Vigamox 3 drops/day for 5 days. That stuff is liquid gold lemme tell ya!! Our co-pay for it was $30 and it’s a 3mL vial. astunned.gif Actual cost was $72!! She was so cute though..came home in her shades and announces to the other kids.. “I scratched my cornea! I look cool in my shades!” alaugh.gif  The Dr said that the shades were one of the best things for her–even inside. Here is a picture of her when they got home.

cool shades

Her eye is still hurting but she can open it a little bit now.  Thank God it wasn’t worse!!

Growing much too fast!!

My baby is not so much a baby now.  J.C. is learning the ropes from the big kids and loves to get into mischief.  He’s still in his walker for now, but not much longer since he now know’s how to walk.  He’s my earliest walker as he’ll be a year old in 2 weeks. 😦  I’m in a bit of denial. Here he is giving his, “Hey guys! Look what I’m gonna do” smirk! J.C. up to no good

As much as I’m in denial about J.C. turning 1, I’m even more so about my oldest turning 13 in September.  I’m going to have a teen!!! ACK!!!  He’s a bit camera shy lately. I’ll have to get a pic of him later.

 A few days before J.B.’s bday, my oldest daughter, B.M. turns 8. *sigh*  Why don’t they just stay little?

Yep, still here

Things have just been busy here.  Besides that, I have to fight for my turn on the computer lately.  J.R. loves to play his Thomas the Train games  and Disney’s Handy Manny game on here.  Of course, if he gets a turn, the rest want theirs too. Since I have so much that I should be doing instead of being on the computer it works out alright.

I still have no vehicle and it will probably be at least 2 weeks before we can start looking.  That’s when we should have the money to look.  I’ve been searching high & low and have found some pretty good deals on Suburban’s.  Unfortunately, they have sold already. 😦 bummer!  Oh well, I’m sure the right one is out there waiting on me. 

And a bit of sad news for me.  A friend I met when I was working passed away on Friday.  She was 34 yrs old with a 4 son and 13 yr old daughter.  Sadly her husband passed away Nov 2003 (a month shy of their 2 yr anniversary) due to a massive heart attack so her son now has no parents.  Her daughter is from a previous marriage and will likely go live with her father now.  Please keep her family in your prayers!

A decision was made

State Farm called this evening to tell me that they were totalling out my van.  I’m kinda sad..I’ll miss it. 😦  Now we just have to find something that we can afford and hopefully all fit in. 

 Little one is still up and fussy so this is all for now.  Pray that we are able to find something soon.

I’ve been tagged…

My friend, Sue, tagged me for this meme.

Five Things I Love About Jesus

Here are the Rules:

  1. Those tagged will share 5 things they “love” about Jesus.
  2. Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers.
  3. Those tagged will provide a link in the comments section here with their name so that others can read them.

Here are my five things:

  1. He’s a great listener!
  2. He loves us no matter what!
  3. He gave up his life for us!
  4. He’s always with us.
  5. The Eucharist I tag Patti and Kristi.  Pretty much everyone I know has been taken up already so any anonymous visitors..feel free  to join in. 🙂

Finally, an answer!!! Sort of..

After much phone tag, I got a call from State Farm.  They are going to “cover the van under the comprehensive.”  They have to get with the estimator first.  So, we don’t know if they are going to total it out or fix it.   Anyway, we are in a rental while it’s being fixed and I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo relieved to finally know that they are covering it. 

Still waiting on news

Just a small update on the van situation.. as of yesterday, I still have no answer.  The adjuster wanted the mechanic (Willie) to breakdown the engine.  Willie told him all he had to do was take the oilpan off to know.  Well, he did that yesterday and called me about 10:30am.  He said that there was water in the oil pan (duh). No bent or broken rod, but it did “spin a bearing”.  Apparantly that happens when there is a lack of lubrication.  This can happen if you don’t have enough oil in the engine (and it overheats). But, can also happen when water gets in the engine.  I’m not mechanically inclined so I looked it up on the net.  So, the adjuster is supposed to go back out to look at it again.  I pray that he finally approves the repairs or cuts a check today.  This has been 2 weeks now.

Not so much a good neighbor now

Sorry ahead of time for the rambling, I’m just so upset and frustrated right now..

I just called State Farm to check if the adjuster had been assigned or been out yet. The rep told me that he was already out there yesterday and reported that he didn’t find any evidence of water damage. astunned.gif Thing is, dh changed out the starter and the air filter, took out the plugs so there wouldn’t be further damage and to avoid a claim altogether. We put the air filter in the back of the van so they could see what it looked like but he didn’t look at it.   The agent said that even if he had looked at it, that wouldn’t prove water damage.  When asked if the adjustor was a mechanic, the rep. replied no. So, now we have to go round and round with them to try to get this covered.  We’re waiting on a return call from the adjuster. I really just want to cry! Dh has been with State Farm for almost 17 yrs and I have been there for 13yrs. We only file a claim when absolutely necessary and have never been thru anything like this.