It’s been a busy week.  J.C. was sick with high fevers, runny nose, cough, you name it.  Poor little guy had such a hard time even laying down to sleep.  Today was much better for him. I’ve also been shopping for school books.  I have once more to get and I should be done.  I’m sure I can find something else we “need”.lol

Dh has been on vacation almost 2 weeks now.  He said he’s prepping me for when he’s home for a few months after he is laid off. Help!! j/k Really, he’ll be working on school. I will be too. I enrolled for 2 classes: Accounting I and Business Principles. I was hoping to start reading some, but so far it hasn’t happened.

Oh, we also had a broken pair of glasses.  J.R. broke the arm off one side.  We brought them in on Friday and picked up new ones today.  It only cost us $10 but we only get the one replacement.  I sure hope these last him the rest of the yearh.

10 Days to Multiplication Mastery

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The 10 Days to Mult. Mastery book is a fabulous resource in helping your child learn multiplication facts quickly and easily. It even has extension activities to help make it more concrete. I wish I had this for my older 2 when they were learning! To order this and other great books, visit www.bookstogift.com

My birthday boy

I can’t believe yet another year passed when I blinked!  J.C. turned 2 years old today.  We went to church this morning then afterwards spent time with some of our fellow homeschooling friends at his Godparents house.  After running around  having a great time, they all sang Happy Birthday and shared some cake.  He got books (of course) and a phonics telephone so 10,397 times a day we hear: rrrriiinnnnnnggg and his excited little voice saying, “Hello!!!!  Bye bye!” lol  He loves it!