More of the same again

Well, it’s another month of no blogging, another sick child. This time is BM, my 9 yr old. She’s been fighting allergies along with a respiratory infection for almost a week now. I took her to the dr yesterday and he prescribed Zithromax once a day, Z-cof 3 times a day and Xopenex every 4 hrs. Last night was the worst of the symptoms. I was up with her until just after 3am because she was having such horrible coughing fits. At one point she moaned, “I’m just so tired and I can’t sleep. I just want to sleep.” Every cough brought extreme chest and throat pain and just tore me apart not being able to fix it. As if that weren’t bad enough, she had a really bad stomach ache after the meds. Tonight she seems to be a wee bit better but the real test is when she lays down to go to sleep.

We had a few birthdays this month.  My dad (God rest his soul) would have been 79 on the 17th.  On March 22nd JR turned 5 and AM turned 7. We were very blessed and grateful to have their godfather back home after his 2nd time in Iraq.  Thanks for being there, Chief, even though you were hardly even over the jetlag!  Hubby also had his birthday on the 24th.  He won’t let me say how old he is. lol

We’re still trucking along with school. I’ve already been looking at books for next year. You’d think starting so early I would have my mind made up by August. Nope. Darn not having the money for all of them. lol

In May we’re flying to CA to celebrate my father-in-law’s 80th birthday.  The kids have started counting down already because they are so excited. We have plans for a day at the beach, 2 days at Disneyland and a day of party-those are certain, the rest is up in the air. I’m fortunate enough to have great in-laws so I really look forward to seeing them. I’m not looking forward to the flight though. I’m not a big fan of flying.

I know I had something else to share but it’s totally left my sleep-deprived brain.  If I think of it I’ll post it later.  I’m really doubtful it will come to me. lol  For now, goodnight to those of you lucky enough to catch some sleep.