Labs followup yesterday

We had the follow-up from B.M.’s labwork yesterday at 9am. For the most part, her labs are coming back ok. The problem with autoimmune disorders is that labs can take months to show changes indicating problems even though the person is having symptoms. So, as far as that goes, we don’t have answers yet. However, he did discover she has Fibromyalgia. Children can have as few as 7 “tender spots” (as they call them) to be diagnosed. She has all 18 of them and they were considerably painful. The Dr prescribed Flexeril-a muscle relaxer-to take overnight. She took one last night, was asleep by 10pm and is still sleeping. Usually she keeps getting up until about midnight because of the pain so that was a nice change. Of course, since she was asleep, A.M. had no one to chit chat with so she was asleep by 10:15 cheeese.gif Lack of sleep seems to aggrevate the pain and can cause cognitive problems so I’m hoping this medicine will help her function better throughout the day. Now I’m on the hunt for support group type stuff for her. In the meantime, we wait to see what’s causing the arthritic flare-ups. *sigh* Her fingers and the back of her heel have been hurting her a bunch for the last few days. ugh  Also, headaches are getting to be a daily thing now.  Hopefully we’ll have more answers soon.  The next appt for labs will be October 26th.

A lot hot!

No doubt about it, Texas is hot this time of year.  How hot is it, you ask?  Take a look at what the reading was when I got in the truck and turned it on:

And yes, that is a poor, lost polar bear on my rearview mirror. Even though the actual temperature reading the newsman got was 104. The message remains the same. It was a lot hot today in Central Texas, y’all. 

Thank you, Pete!

While on Facebook last night, there were several people listed on the side where they have friend suggestions.  I saw the name of someone I went to school with and worked with.  Of course, I clicked on her name so I could send a request to add her as a friend and her profile came up.  I noticed her sisters on her “friends” list, which I knew also.  Then I saw her nephew, Peter listed as well. In his profile picture there were 3 people in the picture and it looked like maybe he was in a band.  So, I googled his name to see if he was on his way to fame in the music business or something (kinda chuckling) and it was then I learned that he had passed away in February.


He was all of about 4 years old when I met him while working at a local daycare, and I haven’t seen him in quite a few years, but I now know “what ever became of” Peter Courcy.  He became an American Hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and our country.  He lost his life, proudly serving in Afghanistan. I am proud to have known him even for a short time, long ago.  Thank you, Pete!  I remembered you as a sweet, bright-eyed little boy and now I will remember you as a hero as well.