Spoke too soon.

Well, shortly after I published my last post saying the kids were on the mend Designergirl came out crying in pain.  An earache.  It hurt enough to wake her from a sound sleep around 2am.  I felt so terrible for her because it was a pain I had often when I was a child.  I did all I could think of to help ease her pain:  Decongestant, Acetaminophen, garlic oil, cotton, heating pad and TLC from mom.  The only problem was the pain was so bad it made her cry.  She cried so much it made her even more congested than she was before. It broke my heart to see her in so much pain.  Slowly, the pain started to ease and by 3:50am she decided she would try to go back to sleep.  Seems all I did was lay my head down when she came back to my bedside complaining of pain again.  Glanced at the clock and it was only 4:07am.  She tried the heating pad a bit longer, had some more water and comforting from me.  About an hour later she was feeling better and went back to bed.  Around that time I entered a coughing fit which kept me up until about 5:30am. Bah! Lousy allergies!  Thankfully, hubby slept through it all and had the day off.  He briefly woke up when I finally got back to bed so filled him in on all the happenings.   Since he slept while I was taking care of her he let me sleep and took care of everything. I got up at 11:15am.  That was nice but threw me off for the rest of the day because Firekid had that dentist appointment at 3pm.   Because we have new insurance for the year I showed up early.  It still took them forever.  Well, he got an x-ray and went to the room to wait.  The dentist came right in and clicks on the light to look at the film.  Bad news. 😦  The cavities (2 of them) were hidden between his first and second molar.  The second molar wasn’t too bad, but the first was.   I didn’t want another episode like we had Friday so we proceeded to fix the problem.  Firekid was thrilled to be going to the dentist since he’s never had anything other than cleanings prior to this.  He was totally shocked when the dentist hurt him when he gave the numbing shot.  He struggled even after he was given some nitrous to calm him.  The dentist had to get a bit stern, telling him I’d have to leave the room and the papoose board would have to be used if he didn’t stop moving and getting up.  Amazingly, after that he didn’t move one bit…to the point I was a bit nervous.  I mean, I was checking his breathing, pulse, etc. lol  He wasn’t doing this without mommy.  The original plan was 2 pulpotomies and 2 crowns.  However, once work got started he decided the 2nd molar just needed to be cleaned up and a crown put on. Whew!  Unfortunately, the first molar was just too bad and said it needed to be pulled. The crown happened very quickly and he hardly noticed.  The extraction was uncomfortable for him and caused him to moan a bit which didn’t surprise me.  He did great and that was done quickly as well.  After waiting for the ‘wooziness’ to wear off, he was thrilled to pick a toy-a plastic harmonica.  I promised to take him to the store to get a “you were such a good boy” toy.  When I got into the parking lot I reminded myself to give him Ibuprofen when we got home since the numbing would be wearing off.  Well, once we got home, there was so much going on I forgot. About 30 mins later he started crying because he was hurting.  That was when I remembered that I forgot.  I quickly gave him some and scooped him up in my arms to comfort him.  Thankfully the pain didn’t last long.  He was playing a video game, pretending to karate kick and eating as if nothing was wrong. 

Now, all kids and hubby are snoozing.  Tooth Fairy has visted the brave boy. I dozed briefly but woke up freezing and had to get up to adjust the thermostat.  Now I can’t sleep. So, here I am at 1:40am getting ready to head back to bed.  Hopefully I’ll get some sleep because 6am will be here soon!  Goodnight and God bless. 🙂

Not a bad start.

Well, so far 2012 has been good. Asisde from allergies, the kids and I are on the mend. Hubby has been keeping the kitchen up for me during his time off from work.  He also made homemade waffles for breakfast. Yum! Firekid has an unexpected trip to the dentist though. Seems a cavity snuck in and caused him some pain on Friday. I remembered seeing a home remedy for an abcess. Garlic oil. Yep…that’s it. Squished some of the juice onto my finger, rubbed it on his gums. Within an hour it looked so much better. 2 hrs it was gone. Yay! Much better than forcing antibiotics in his mouth.  Hopefully the dentist will only have to do an easy filling and send him on his way.

Dinner came out good.  I made black-eye-peas w/ham, steamed rice and spinach.  Totally forgot my cornbread.  I was looking forward to it too.  I’d make some for leftovers but there are none! That shocked me.  -Yes..even the spinich. 4 out of 6 kids ate it.

Well, two posts in a row?  I’d say this is off to a better start too. 

God bless!

Happy New Year!

It’s been longer than usual I suppose. I figured now would be a good time to jump back in. Maybe. lol I’ve said it many times. Anyway, happy New Year!! Prayers for a happy and prosperous new year that is full of love and laughter!

Just realized that this time 10 yrs ago i was sitting in the ER with my mom. We brought in the new year with her diagnosis of laryngeal cancer. What a rough year that was….it actually turned into a rough 7 yrs. Sure doesn’t seem that long ago.