Not a bad start.

Well, so far 2012 has been good. Asisde from allergies, the kids and I are on the mend. Hubby has been keeping the kitchen up for me during his time off from work.  He also made homemade waffles for breakfast. Yum! Firekid has an unexpected trip to the dentist though. Seems a cavity snuck in and caused him some pain on Friday. I remembered seeing a home remedy for an abcess. Garlic oil. Yep…that’s it. Squished some of the juice onto my finger, rubbed it on his gums. Within an hour it looked so much better. 2 hrs it was gone. Yay! Much better than forcing antibiotics in his mouth.  Hopefully the dentist will only have to do an easy filling and send him on his way.

Dinner came out good.  I made black-eye-peas w/ham, steamed rice and spinach.  Totally forgot my cornbread.  I was looking forward to it too.  I’d make some for leftovers but there are none! That shocked me.  -Yes..even the spinich. 4 out of 6 kids ate it.

Well, two posts in a row?  I’d say this is off to a better start too. 

God bless!

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